Welcome to Marinade
The easiest way to stake Solana without locking your funds in.

What is Marinade? is a liquid staking protocol built on Solana. People stake their Solana tokens with Marinade using automatic staking strategies and receive "marinated SOL" tokens they can use in the world of DeFi or to swap any time back to original SOL tokens to immediately unstake skipping any lockup period.

What's so special about Marinade?

Let's highlight the main benefits comparing to 2 alternatives for staking Solana:
    Full control over your tokens and associated accounts.
      βœ… Marinade, ❌ Exchange staking
    Receive a tokenized version of your stake position to claim your stake anytime or to use in DeFi
      βœ… Marinade, ❌ Wallet staking (Exodus, Solflare...)
    Open-source permissionless delegation strategy with more than 500 validators and native Solana governance
      βœ… Marinade, ❌ Lido

What can you do with Marinade?

    Stake SOL (and unstake anytime) or become a liquidity provider to the SOL-mSOL pool
    Explore additional DeFi yields on top of staking using your tokenized stake positions
    Earn your position in Marinade DAO by using Marinade and participate in governance
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