Stake to Marinade via SPL governance

SPL-governance is an open-sourced Solana-based program that provides core building blocks for DAOs to use on-chain governance.

In extension to the backend program Solana is also engaging contributors to build on the affiliated frontend, named Realms.

How to set up a Realm

If a DAO wants to go on-chain with their governance, they can easily do this by creating their own realm directly in the governance-ui on Realms Today. Once this is done, the realm can be set up to fit the DAOs needs by holding appropriate treasuries or the authority over the DAOs programs. As soon as it is created, the community can vote on each an every action regarding the treasuries or programs linked to the DAO by using proposals.

How to stake to mSOL via a Realm

If the DAO has a SOL treasury a “Stake with Marinade” proposal can be created. To access this option, click on 'View' in the Treasury tab.

If your DAO does not yet have an existing mSOL account, one will automatically be created for you and attached to your DAO wallet, prior to the proposal creation. In other case, you can select the according account from the dropdown menu.

If you don't see a mSOL account on your treasury, a workaround to create it is to send a very small amount of mSOL to the treasury wallet. This will automatically create a mSOL account.

You can now fill the “Stake with Marinade” form with all the required info:

A proposal will be created to be voted on, with the following instructions:

As soon as the vote passes and the instructions are executed, SOL is converted to mSOL, which is transferred to the specified treasury account:

If you encounter any blocker, please visit Marinade's Discord and ask for assistance.

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