Security has always been a primary concern for Marinade. We are doing everything we can to set a high standard for security in our protocol and in the Solana ecosystem.

On-chain contracts

A list of Marinade's on-chain smart contracts is available here:

pageContracts & Tokens Addresses

If you interact with Marinade using the referral program, the contract you will be interacting with will not be Marinade's main smart contract, but the referral program. You can verify that you're interacting with the correct smart contract by consulting the list above.


When you participate in DeFi, you always expose yourself to risks. An investor's job is to mitigate these risks and stay informed on them to make the best possible decisions. Let's see what different types of risk exist when you use Marinade and how we worked to mitigate them.

Technical risks

Blockchain risks

When you use Marinade.Finance, you use a protocol that relies on the Solana blockchain. If the Solana blockchain were to be attacked successfully, the funds on Marinade could be at risk.

Marinade's recipe: Solana was chosen for many reasons, one of which was that it has high security. Solana has been audited by Kudelski Security and is a blockchain that operates with a hybrid consensus mechanism (integrating Tower BFT and Proof-of-History). You can learn more about Solana through their whitepaper.

Contract risks

In DeFi, any protocol can potentially be attacked by hackers. They will look for loopholes and bugs that allow them to abuse the protocol for their gain.

Marinade's recipe: We emphasize security and have been conducting formal audits all along the way. We have completed 2 audits and 1 code review successfully. We also opened a bug bounty with ImmuneFi. Click on the pages below to access them.

pageBug BountypageAudits

Financial risks

Trust risks

As you may know, DeFi can be a brutal environment, and some actors have already abused the trust of people using their services. We did not want this to be a possibility with our protocol.

Marinade's recipe: Marinade is governed by multisig. This means that any major change to the protocol cannot be applied without a majority (between 11 actors) agreeing to it simultaneously, in the case of our main multisig. Click on the page below to learn more about our multisig governance.

pageMultisig governance

When you use Marinade, you take full responsibility for your actions. It is your duty as an investor to check the current regulations in your country of residence and to act accordingly.

Marinade's recipe: All our legal content can be found on the page below. If you have any doubts, please get in touch with your financial authorities for confirmation.


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