Marinade DAO

Marinade.finance is governed and built by the community. Owning MNDE tokens or actively engaging in the community makes you a member of Marinade DAO. Let's see what this means.

What is a DAO?

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is an on-chain system designed to give the governance of a protocol back to its users. By owning the governance token, you own rights to vote on decisions taken for the future of the protocol. These governance rules are applied on-chain, by smart contracts, where all information is freely accessible.
On-chain governance tools are still being built on Solana, but Marinade has already created its DAO. It functions off-chain (on our Discord) for now, and on-chain tools will be integrated as soon as they are available.

Marinade DAO

First of all, Marinade DAO (mDAO) is an open kitchen. Radical transparency is one of our main values; anyone can come and see what we are cooking. You are also free to contribute to the project (and get rewarded!), just join our Discord and engage with us.
The other way of joining the mDAO is by owning MNDE tokens. These are governance tokens that will represent your voice on the future of Marinade.
Marinade has already onboarded community members to actively contribute to the project. By joining our mDAO, you can participate in the discussions, voice your opinion on any matter, and vote on important decisions, but you can also get involved in the development of our kitchen.


When doing what we're doing, we come back to the following set of values:


The ecosystem of Solana is innovative and fast. So are we. Curiosity is our favorite starting point. We nurture agility. Solid principles and processes allow us react quickly. We are building the future.


We are approachable. We value team collaboration over competition. Supportive and friendly is our default mindset. Honesty guides our communication. We always listen to ideas.


Everyone of us is accountable for our individual contribution, no matter the scope. We own our commitments as if no one is watching. We are all value creators. We stand up for the outcomes of our work. We learn from failures and we analyze-celebrate success. We only accept short-term wins compatible with our long-term vision.