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Marinade's mission is to empower users with the best tools to stake, secure and participate in the Solana ecosystem. We invite DeFi protocols, NFT projects and marketplaces who share a similar vision to join us.

Marinade's mSOL collateral token is permissionless, which means any project can integrate and utilize it for their own benefit. Projects may also collaborate with Marinade on the installation and promotion of the shared value of mSOL and greater benefit to Solana.

How to team up with Marinade?

Marinade created the mSOL token in a way to be easy to integrate no matter the type of project throughout the Solana ecosystem. It can be added to their project and provide the safest liquid staking solution on Solana with incentives aligned for all participants. Projects can simply integrate mSOL, a permissionless token, without assistance from Marinade. Or, they can join the Marinade referral program, use mSOL as a minting or payment option or stake their treasury to Marinade. Creative, long-lasting partnerships benefiting both parties and Solana can also be explored. To get started, please fill out this form and our team will be in contact soon.

Please know that Marinade is willing to help and bring support to projects that express the desire to integrate into our ecosystem. If you require assistance in order to make this idea a reality, please contact us and we will do our best to help. Nonetheless, mSOL is permissionless and can be integrated without contacting us or formalizing any agreement. Simply integrating mSOL in a project is by no means an endorsement of its security or credibility by Marinade.

The mSOL Advantage

By choosing to integrate and utilize mSOL, a project gains significant advantages. Collaborating with Marinade opens the opportunity for additional benefits. In order to be eligible for these added value enhancements, Marinade reserves the right to request additional information and perform due diligence about your project in order to confirm both parties share similar values.

  • Exposure from shared marketing.

  • Make your project accessible to Marinade community (and its TVL).

  • Differentiate from other projects by actively supporting decentralization.

  • Integrate mSOL easily with the tools we provide without adding more work.

There are also specific advantages related to the nature of your project or of the mSOL integration. If you integrate mSOL:

  • Help secure and decentralize Solana. The more SOL staked using Marinade's algorithm that follows the Solana Foundation strategy, the more secure the network is for all the participants.

  • Gain access to liquid capital designed to explore DeFi protocols across Solana.

  • Receive the best collateral available, increasing in price against SOL each epoch.

  • Join the conversation in Marinade DAO: where the ecosystem and Solana users meet the security layer.

If you integrate mSOL staking/unstaking:

  • Give your users a chance to jump in and out of mSOL and earn APY on their SOL holdings.

  • Help secure and decentralize Solana.

  • Earn referral fees based on your users staking and unstaking activity.

If you stake your treasury in mSOL:

  • Earn staking rewards passively and make your treasury grow each epoch.

  • Get mSOL in return that you can use in DeFi, unlocking investment strategies for your treasury.

  • Split your stake to more than 400 validators, reducing the risk of a single-validator failure making you miss out on significant rewards.

  • Actively participate to the decentralization of Solana.

Best practices

If you are a project ambassador contacting us, you can use this form to introduce your project. Once contact is established, we may need information such as:

  • A brief introduction to your project and the team behind it. If your team is not doxxed, please let us know in this introduction.

  • An overview of the relevant stats that we may need.

  • A link to your audits if there are some.

  • A link to your GitHub repo.

  • A list of contacts (Telegram, Discord, etc.) to join you.

Marinade partnership process

Marinade is always eager to partner with projects that share their vision of a secure and decentralized Solana that empowers users to unlock the potential of DeFi. Depending on your project, integration of mSOL may be very simple or require more collaboration with the Marinade team.

Here is an example of what our typical setup process looks like. This is not set in stone and will be adapted to the nature of the partnership and the different needs, but it allows a first overview of the process.

  1. First contact - We usually regroup all information needed and set up a meeting between our two teams.

  2. Discovery call - First call to get to know each other, introduce the respective projects, and have a sense of what the partnership might look like.

  3. Mutual proposal validation - Both teams agree on the terms of the partnership.

  4. Integration/Implementation - Marinade offers the assistance needed in order to smoothly integrate with your project.

  5. Marketing call - Both teams agree on how and when to announce the partnership and the different news.

  6. Public launch - Launch is coordinated and announced to respective channels.

  7. Follow-up and monitoring of the partnership - Parties share and analyze community sentiment and metrics and refine if needed.

Reminder: use this form to get in contact with our Partnerships team.

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