You will find here the internal structure of the mDAO and its team members.

Work groups details

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    Build. The "Build" workgroup is about designing, creating and releasing new products and features for Marinade, its governance or public goods for the Solana ecosystem.
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    Growth. The "Growth" workgroup is responsible of tokenomics, governance, attracting and retaining TVL, creating content and taking care of the Chefs community. They explore the new horizons of web3 to drive Marinade towards success.

Become a contributor

If you think you can contribute to Marinade, you can use this form to reach out. If an open position fits with your skills, you'll be contacted for an interview. If there are no open positions matching your profile, we'll keep your application and may contact you in the future.
In the meantime, we strongly recommend that you read our entire documentation, join our Discord and introduce yourself to the kitchen.