Directed Stake

Support a validator through Marinade Directed Stake using mSOL or locked MNDE.


Directed Stake is a Marinade product that allows mSOL and MNDE holders to choose a validator they want to support while benefitting from mSOL's liquidity.

Whenever you stake to Marinade, you will be able to choose between:

  • The Marinade delegation strategy

  • Directed stake to a validator

If you choose Directed Stake, select a validator, and complete the staking operation. Your wallet will be directing stake to this validator. Your wallet address will be monitored by our snapshot system and the mSOL holdings in your wallet and DeFi will be accounted to direct stake to this validator.

A wallet can only direct stake to one place. If you want to support multiple validators, or support a validator and the Marinade delegation, use multiple wallets. If you want to change the validator you direct stake to, select another validator and stake any amount of SOL to mSOL using directed stake and a new validator. Your wallet will now direct stake to this newly chosen validator. If you wish to stop directing stake, stake any amount of SOL to mSOL and select the algorithmic delegation strategy.

Directed Stake controls 40% of Marinade's delegation. Every epoch, the amount of mSOL being used to direct stake to each validator will be used to share the 20% of stake to be distributed.

This means that depending on the total amount of mSOL being used to direct stake and the amount of SOL that 20% of Marinade's TVL represents, the amount of SOL being delegated to a given validator with 1 mSOL will vary.

You can duplicate and use this spreadsheet to visualize the effect of those different parameters.

Validators, the amount of mSOL being used to direct stake to you will account in the Open Doors program. Find more details about it in this one-pager.

Directed stake rules

For a validator to be eligible to receive stake from Directed stake, the validator must:

  • Have a commission equal to or lower than 10% in the last 10 epochs

  • Not be blacklisted by Marinade

  • Have at least 80% of the score of the worst-ranked validator that receives Marinade stake algorithmically.

If a validator is receiving stake through Directed stake but requires an emergency unstake, the emergency unstake will be performed and the validator will not receive stake until the criteria to receive stake are met again.

DeFi protocols supported by the monitoring system

As of right now, the mSOL deposits in the following DeFi protocols will be tracked and accounted for:

  • Solend

  • Orca Whirlpools

  • Drift (and Super Stake SOL)

  • Kamino

  • Lifinity

  • Mango

  • MarginFi

  • Meteora

  • Raydium V2

  • Tulip

  • Saber

  • Port

Any mSOL held in a position on those protocols will count for Directed stake.

New protocols will be added based on the amount of mSOL they are hosting and the community's interest.

See which validators are receiving Directed Stake

Solana Hub validator built a dashboard with a grant from Marinade that shows which validators are receiving directed stake from MNDE or mSOL. It also shows the current MNDE/SOL and mSOL/SOL stake ratios based on the most recent snapshot:

Snapshot system

Marinade's snapshot system will run daily and update the mSOL holdings of all wallets participating in Directed Stake. The snapshot system we use to monitor mSOL holdings in wallets and DeFi is composed of two things:

The snapshot manager (API + parser):

The data collector, running every day, forked and modified from:

You can use this API to get information from the snapshot monitoring system.


Methods to use Directed stake have been added to Marinade's TS SDK:

You will be able to access data related to Directed stake using this API:

You may also find helpful information in the Delegation strategy API.

Directed stake can be used on top of Marinade's referral program.

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