mTransactions is a bandwidth marketplace for transactions on the Solana blockchain, currently in open beta.

What are mTransactions

mTransaction is an open-source RPC-like service that connects transaction senders and validators with stake on their nodes. It takes advantage of the QUIC and QoS updates that were added to Solana in 2022 and 2023.
Participating users are able to send transactions to the mTransaction service, which will redirect them to one of the participating validators. This validator will use his staked node to forward the transaction to the leader through a QUIC connection.
During its open beta, the mTransactions product will be available for free. In the future, a business model around mTransactions will be added so that validators can benefit from offering this service to users, and using mTransactions will have an associated cost.

Github repository

How to participate?

As a validator

If you want your node to be able to forward transactions coming from mTransaction, your validator needs to meet some requirements:
  • Have at least 200,000 SOL staked (in order to have at least one guaranteed QUIC connection to the leader)
  • Be located in Europe or US-East
If you fulfill those requirements and want to run mTransaction, please fill out the following form.

As a transaction sender

If you want to use mTransactions as a transaction sender, fill out the following form. Please note that users will be approved and onboarded in batches to reduce the overhead, expect a delay before being onboarded.