Referral program
You have an audience and you want to join the quest to decentralize Solana? You can integrate our staking/unstaking feature directly on your app and earn a share of the revenues generated by your TVL.

What is Marinade referral program?

When users stake with Marinade, they agree to give 2% of their rewards generated each epoch to Marinade, in exchange for using our liquid staking service (see Fee structure).
Marinade referral program has been built to reward actors of the ecosystem who help us in our mission to decentralize Solana. By sharing a part of our revenues with partners bringing TVL into mSOL, we align their incentives with ours for everyone to benefit from a safer and more decentralized Solana network.
If you want to join our referral program, all you have to do is:
  1. 1.
    Get your referral ID by getting in touch with our team (please fill out this form).
  2. 2.
    Integrate Marinade SDK with the referral ID you've been given. Our team can help out if needed.
  3. 3.
    Let your users know that they can now stake and unstake through your platform and help you and the Solana network!
You can see an integration example at this link:​

Payment frequency

As soon as you've integrated our staking feature, you will start earning your share of the rewards. Your share will be distributed manually to begin with, and can be distributed on request, as they reach a certain treshold, or on a set basis. Whenever possible, we will move to a fully automated and on-chain solution to optimize costs and payment frequency.

Rewards calculation

First, the TVL brought by a partner for the month (in SOL) is calculated with the following formula:
Total Partner Stake - Total Partner Unstake - Socialized Unstaked
Total Partner Stake = Total SOL staked through your referral ID
Total Partner Unstake = Total SOL unstaked through your referral ID
Socialized Unstake = Total SOL unstaked through any other referral ID. Unidentified unstakes (no referral ID) are totalled and subtracted from every partner’s stake pro rata.
Those numbers are calculated on a monthly basis. For rewards regarding January, data from January 1 to February 1 are used to calculate each of this numbers. You can have an estimation of the Socialized Unstake by looking at the delta in this graph for the month.
Once the TVL is calculated, we need to calculate the total rewards generated by this TVL per epoch.
If we take as a basis an epoch duration of 2 days and Marinade APY at 6.67%, we can estimate the total rewards for an epoch at approximatively 0.04% (The calcul being ((1+6.67%)^(2/365))-1).
Total rewards per epoch = ((1+6.67%)^(2/365))-1 * TVL
Once the total amount of rewards for the epoch is calculated, we need to calculate 2% of those rewards (the part that will be split between Marinade and you).
2% * Total rewards per epoch
This gives us the rewards to split. We then calculate your split of the rewards according to this formula:
Continuous Staking Fees Tier % * Rewards to split
Continuous Staking Fees Tier % = Your share of the total rewards, depending on your Referral program tier.


Example A:
  • Protocol A has been used to stake 500k SOL and has been used to unstake 50k SOL.
  • Socialized unstake is standing at 140k SOL.
(500 000 - 50 000 - 140 000) = 310 000
We can evaluate the TVL brought by Protocol A at 310k SOL. We then calculate the rewards per epoch on a basis of a 2 day epoch:
310 000 * ((1+6.67%)^(2/365))-1 = 109,6995635
These 310k SOL will produce 109,6995635 SOL in rewards per epoch.
Marinade will get 2% of these rewards, or 2.193 SOL, per epoch. Protocol A will get 15% of those 2.193 SOL (0.329 SOL) for each epoch.
Considering a monthly transfer and 15 epochs in a month, this represents 4.935 SOL (0.329 *15) each month on a regular basis.
Example B
  • Protocol B has been used to stake 100k SOL and has been used to unstake 50k SOL.
  • Socialized unstake is standing at 140k SOL.
(100 000 - 50 000 - 140 000) = -90 000
Since the value can't be negative, we consider that this partner does not bring any TVL into Marinade at the current moment.

Referral program tiers

Depending on the TVL you are bringing to mSOL, your share of the fees evolve automatically.
TVL - Net staked (SOL)
Fees shared
1 000 000
20 %
500 000
17.5 %
250 000
15 %
100 000
14 %
50 000
13 %
10 000
12 %
1 000
11 %
10 %