Referral program

You have an audience and want to join the quest to decentralize Solana? You can integrate our staking and unstaking features and add some extra fees on top of them that will be directed to you.

What is Marinade's referral program?

Marinade referral program opens a way for protocols, websites, wallets, and individuals to participate in Marinade's mission, by offering the possibility to add extra fees on top of Marinade that will be redirected to you. There are two ways to use Marinade's referral program:

  • Integrate Marinade's SDK on your website or dApp, linked to your referral account.

  • Use Marinade's app directly with a specific link that will integrate your referral account (

You are also free to use those two options at the same time.

When you request your referral ID, you will need to communicate to Marinade:

  • The wallet address where the fees should be sent.

  • The added fee you want to apply on the "Deposit SOL" operation (0.5% max)

  • The added fee you want to apply on the "Deposit stake account" operation (0.5% max)

  • The added fee you want to apply on the "Unstake now" operation (0.5% max, on top of the 0.1% to 9% fee of Marinade)

The fees used can be different for each operation. If you're integrating Marinade's SDK on your own website or dApp, we ask you to display transparently the added fees that would go to your wallet.

Please use this form to request a referral ID.

Who can use the referral program?

Marinade's referral program is open to anyone. If you have an audience and bring it to use Marinade, the referral program will allow you to benefit from it.

Whenever someone uses your referral to stake or unstake from Marinade, the fee paid during the transaction will be automatically and instantly sent to the wallet you provided.

You are free to use Marinade's referral program without any added fee. In this case, the referral program will allow you to track the volume you brought to Marinade.

How to integrate Marinade's referral program

If you wish to use Marinade's SDK to allow staking and unstaking operations through your own app or website, here are the steps to follow:

  • Request a referral ID through the form above

  • Once received, integrate the latest version of Marinade TS SDK with your referral ID (see points 1 to 3).

  • Use the SDK where you want in your app. The operations will go through the referral program and fees will be directed to you.

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