You'll find here the list of our audits and code review reports.

Audit reports

  • Kudelski Security - To become the next unit of account on the Solana network, Marinade had to make sure that the protocol was as safe as Solana itself. Therefore, we were audited by Kudelski Security, a reputable audit firm that was chosen by Solana Labs to audit Solana. Read the audit: https://marinade.finance/docs/KudelskiSecurity.pdf
  • Ackee Blockchain - Ackee Blockchain specializes in audits and security assessments and has worked on the security of major blockchains such as Ethereum, Tezos, and Celo. Their audit has allowed us to further improve the security standard of our protocol. Read the audit: https://marinade.finance/docs/AckeeBlockchain.pdf

Code review reports

  • Neodyme - Neodyme is an audit firm specializing in security that recently published a full article on Solana smart contract security. Their expertise in blockchain and their familiarity with Solana made them a perfect fit to audit our protocol. Read the code review: https://marinade.finance/docs/Neodyme.pdf