You'll find here the list of our audits and code review reports.


Neodyme: Marinade Validator Bonds

Neodyme audited Marinade's on-chain Validator Bond program during March and April of 2024. The scope of this audit was focused on technical security, with further considerations about operational security.

The auditors found that Marinade’s Validator Bond program comprised a clean design and above-standard code quality, relying on the industry-standard Anchor framework.


Audit reports

In November 2023, Marinade upgraded its smart contract to include several improvements (see this article). To ensure that the code remains as solid as it has always been, two audits were conducted on the upgraded version of the smart contract. They are available below:


Audit reports

Code review reports

  • Neodyme - Neodyme is an audit firm specializing in security that recently published a full article on Solana smart contract security. Their blockchain expertise and familiarity with Solana made them a perfect fit to audit our protocol. Read the code review:

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